MuraCon 2012: A Conference for the Mura CMS Community

MuraCon 2012 is coming up and it's moved from last year's location. In fact, it's gone from the west coast to the east coast! What is MuraCon? MuraCon is the ONLY user conference organized by the folks who made Mura CMS, an enterprise open source content management system.


Me! That's right, I'll be there along with many of my talented co-workers and team members from Blue River Interactive Group, the creators and curators of Mura CMS. Plus, many other members and contributors of the Mura CMS community will be there too...several of whom will also be presenting!

You! If you're part of the Mura CMS community either as a user, graphic/UI designer, front-end/UI developer, ColdFusion/CFML developer, or you're just a curious geek...then you're welcome to join in the fun.


Festivities will begin on Wednesday, October 10th and wrap up on Thursday, October 11th. However, there's going to be an Open Gov Seminar on Open Source CFML for Government presented by the OpenCFML Foundation preceeding the event on Tuesday, October 9th.


MuraCon 2012 will be in Washington, DC at the Pew Conference Center; 901 E Street NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 20004.


I could go through several reasons, but I'll just get right down to it. You should attend because you're going to pick up some mad Mura skills. In addition, come and meet other members of the Mura CMS community. You'll have plenty of opportunities to network and socialize with not just other users, but the people who are pushing Mura CMS forward.


Registration is only $199 for both days of the conference. MuraCon sold out last year, so be sure to register soon.


If you register before September 1st, you'll receive the entire Mura CMS training library for FREE. This includes all three (3) books; Content Manager's Guide, Front-End Developer's Guide and Back-End Developer's Guide.

Want to Sponsor?

No problem, simply visit and select your sponsorship level.

I hope to see you there!

Open Source Conference For CFML Developers

Just in case you didn't know...there's a pretty cool conference coming up called OpenCF Summit. It's a conference where you can listen to, meet, speak with, and even yell at many of the lead geeks and engineers working feverishly on a slew of free and open source software from the CFML world (that's ColdFusion Markup Language for you non-CFML-knowing peeps).

The conference runs February 24-26, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Considering the conference costs only $72, it's quite the steal! Plus, did I mention there's a ton of free and open source software?

So get on over to to learn more and register now!


Sublime Text 2 and .less Syntax Highlighting

So you've hopped onto the Sublime Text 2 bandwagon and ready to roll with {less}. Now you simply want to enable syntax highlighting while working on .less files...right? Well, it's actually quite simple!

First, open a .less file in Sublime Text 2. Then View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as... > CSS


After originally publishing this, of course I stumble across a github project called Less-sublime. Using the Package Control plugin, it's an absolute breeze to setup. Even if you don't, simply follow the installation directions on the github project.

So there you go...two methods for getting {less} syntax highlighting for you! Either way works great, but obviously the github project offers a bit more {less}-specific syntax support.

Hope that helps...cheers!

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