ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit Books ...

They've finally arrived! I ordered all three volumes of the Adobe ColdFusion 8 web application construction kit books and have already dug through most of volume 1 and quite a bit of volume 2 (and skimmed volume 3).

I've been using ColdFusion since CF5, but haven't formally taken a class or read any actual books in quite some time. I have however, continued to study the online docs and try to keep up on some of the "master bloggers" out there (Raymond Camden, Todd Sharp, Sean Corfield, Pete Freitag, Ben Nadel, and several others).

So far, the books have been very easy to follow and I've already gone back into my most current projects to update some of my "older" code to bring it more up to date.

Overall, I have to say that Ben Forta, Raymond Camden, Charlie Arehart and the countless other contributors did a fantastic job and they can count me as one satisfied reader.

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