How to Send Confirmation Emails to Form Submitters in Mura CMS

A question came up in the Mura CMS forums about "sending a confirmation message automatically" that I thought other developers and/or users of Mura CMS might find helpful.

When you create a form in Mura CMS, there are a couple of convenient fields available. One field allows for a comma-separated list of email addresses to receive notification whenever the form is submitted. Another field is a text area for displaying a "confirmation message" to the person who submits the form.

One field that isn't currently available is a checkbox to "send copy to submitter." A good reason for this could simply be that since a form could contain any number of unique fields and field names, it could be very difficult to programmatically allow for something as unique as this.

So I wrote a simple custom display object that will essentially check for a form field called "email" and if it is valid, send a confirmation message to the submitter (assuming the submitter's email is contained within the "email" form field). Lost yet? I hope not.

First, you'll want to create a custom display object. you can copy the code below and save it to/as "[siteid]/includes/display_objects/custom/dsp_email_confirmation.cfm"


    Document:        dsp_email_confirmation.cfm
    Version:        20091005.01
    Author:            Steve Withington |
    Purpose:        I send email confirmations to form submitters.
    Instructions:    Assuming you've placed this file in/as:
                    Go to "Forms" in your admin, select the form you want to use this script
                    in, go to the "Confirmation Message" text area, then copy + paste this:
                    This could be the only line of text in your Confirmation Message text area
                    since now you can modify the confirmation text below. However, any
                    text in the "Confirmation Message" form field will also be display on
                    the screen.
                    The confirmationText below can even be a dynamic field that's passed in
                    on form submission, etc.


<cfsavecontent variable="confirmationText">
<cfoutput>Thank you for for your inquiry. A representative will contact you shortly. For immediate assistance, feel free to call 800.555.1212.</cfoutput>
<cfoutput><p class="success">#confirmationText#</p></cfoutput>
<cfif structKeyExists(request, "email") and isValid("email",>
        <cfset site = application.settingsManager.getSite(request.siteID) />
        <cfset success=true />
            <cfset email=application.serviceFactory.getBean('mailer') />
            <cfset email.sendText(confirmationText,,, site.getSite(), request.siteid, />
                <cfset success=false />
        <cfif success>
            <!--- if successful, a confirmation message can be displayed here --->
            <p class="success"><em>A confirmation has also been sent to your email.</em></p>
            <!--- if an error occurs, an error message can be displayed here --->
            <p class="error">Sorry, we experienced a problem in our attempt to send you a confirmation via email.</p>
    <!--- you can display an error message if the email address provided is not valid --->
    <p class="error">Unfortunately, the email address you provided was not a valid email address.</p>

Next, you'll want to go to your "Forms" section in your admin area, select the form you want to use this script in, go to the "Confirmation Message" text area, then copy and past this in:


You can then simply modify the confirmation message within the script, or even pass one in dynamically.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a bunch for sharing! :-)
# Posted By Jonas | 1/11/10 11:14 AM
Hey Steve. Thanks for sharing. I am using this on my work site and does as advertised

I did note a minor error in the notes and in the mura tag.

One says


and one says


easy enough fix but generated an error before I figured out why so thought I'd mention it.
# Posted By Burt Abreu | 4/2/10 12:16 PM
@Burt, nice catch! i fixed the post, thanks.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 4/2/10 1:34 PM

How would I set this out to send out the confirmation with graphics and images as opposed to a text email?
# Posted By Joel | 12/3/10 11:18 PM

It really wouldn't be all that much different. You could create a variable called 'confirmationHTML' which could essentially be a cfsavecontent of an external html or cfm file and then instead of

email.sendText(confirmationText,,, site.getSite(), request.siteid,

you could use something like:

email.sendHTML(confirmationHTML,,, site.getSite(), request.siteid,

Good luck!
# Posted By Steve Withington | 12/7/10 12:24 PM
Steve, nice post. Was looking for this exact thing.

Does this method still send an email to the administrator of the website? So in essence does it send 2 emails out... one to the submitter and the other to the admin?
# Posted By jbuda | 3/2/11 6:40 AM

yes, mura will also send emails to the email address (or list of email addresses), if any, that have been entered in the 'Send data to emal address' field when the form was created/edited.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 3/2/11 7:54 AM
It may be worth noting that this won't work if the redirect_url is specified in the form.... as i just found out! Could not work out why the submitter was not getting anything but the admin address as.

May need to update your snippet slightly and add in a redirect there. Need to allow the CMS user to update the content of the confirmation page.

Very helpful post though.
# Posted By jbuda | 3/2/11 8:00 AM

fyi, there's a field called 'Confirmation Message' that CMS users can edit for exactly that reason.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 3/2/11 8:19 AM
But then i would not have been able to put the [mura]dspInclude('display_objects/custom/forms/dsp_email_confirmations.cfm')[/mura] into the message box?

Unless i can use the above snippet, as well as a success message underneath? Intereesting.

Thanks again
# Posted By jbuda | 3/2/11 8:25 AM

correct, you can use both ... so something like:

<p>Thank you! A representative will contact you within the next 24/hours. If you need immediate assistance, please call 800.555.1212</p>
# Posted By Steve Withington | 3/2/11 9:11 AM
Hey Steve,

Thanks for this post! The method works great.

My only question is in regards to the HTML confirmation email. I setup a test HTML file and set that to email to the user, but the email that gets delivered actually has all of the HTML in the's not rendering the tags.

Any advice?

# Posted By Ronnie | 1/11/12 12:18 PM
Nevermind my previous comment... I had missed changing email.sendText to email.sendHTML

Works great now! Thanks Steve!
# Posted By Ronnie | 1/11/12 12:31 PM
Thank you for this information. I'm new to Mura and want to do something very similar. Perhaps you can help me figure out how?
I'd simply like to override the email address entered into the "Send data to email address" field of the edit form screen, based on a selected field of the form.
so if MyField = Y send to
if MyField = Z send to

that's it.

Thanks you, any help is appreciated!
# Posted By Rich | 6/21/12 4:50 PM
Is there a way that I can make it so the Confirmation e-mail is sent from a specific e-mail? Right now, it "sends" the e-mail from the submitter's address, how can I change this?

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