Steve Withington is an Application Engineer for Blue River Interactive Group and Team Mura. He fell in love with computers as a grade-schooler when his uncle took him to TRS-80 meetups ... over the years, he's continued his love affair with computers by playing with everything from Atari, Commodore 64's, Apple II's and handheld Coleco games of yesterday to the XBox's, PlayStations, PCs, Macs, iPhones and Androids of today. While he started out as a hobbyist web designer and developer (deseloper), he eventually realized that he could make a living doing what he was most passionate about ... creatively leveraging online tools and technologies to solve complex business obstacles.

A chance encounter with a small team of developers in the spring of 2009 changed his development process, and eventually his career path, forever. It was here that Steve was introduced to Mura CMS (a comprehensive, ColdFusion-powered, open source content management system). After successfully utilizing Mura CMS to shorten the development timeframe on a wide variety of projects ranging from small, non-profits to large multi-national corporations, Steve excitedly shared his knowledge by writing blog posts, building Mura CMS plugins, speaking at various developer conferences, and even picked up some freelance work by the company he now works for.

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