Launched ColdFusion + Mura CMS Powered Site for Rockford Linear Motion

Rockford Linear Motion, a subsidiary of Rockford Ball Screw, has just launched their first ever online presence at The site is powered by Adobe® ColdFusion® and Microsoft® SQL Server with content being managed by Mura CMS, a comprehensive web-based content management system. Rockford Linear Motion offers a fully customizable lineup of linear guide rail systems, products and services.

This was my first "commercial" web site constructed to be managed by Mura CMS. I was able to take our designer's (Greg L.) completely customized design from Adobe® Illustrator® + Photoshop® to CSS + XHTML and then fully integrate this design with Mura. I was also able to leverage and extend much of Mura's functionality to achieve the final result.

At the client's request, we also integrated the custom design with two other third-party vendors including Catalog Data Solutions and Network Solutions CommerceSpace™. Needless to say, I learned quite a bit about working with each of these vendors and look forward to working with them again.

Amazingly, we were able to launch the site within three (3) weeks of receiving the final design files for the site. As anyone who builds web sites would testify, this short of a timeframe is definitely not the norm. However, by utilizing Mura CMS and ColdFusion, we were able to get the job done in record time.

Congratulations to the folks at Rockford Linear Motion! Also, a huge thanks to each person who assisted me in keeping this project moving at light speed.

Rockford Linear Motion
Designer: Greg L. | Developer: Stephen Withington | Content Management System: Mura CMS

It's MURA, it's so hot right now!

haha excellent looking site, nice to see more MURA sites out in the world, I'm waiting for an opportunity to arise for me to be able to use it properly, really does look excellent.

Congrats on the release.

# Posted By Robert Rawlins | 8/25/09 8:07 AM
@Robert, no doubt, Mura has been getting noticed lately ... and for good reason! thanks for the compliments. cheers!
# Posted By Stephen Withington | 8/25/09 8:24 AM
Nice looking site. I love Mura have done 5 sites now with it. not sure what your running but if you want to get rid of the index.cfm...
# Posted By Glyn Jackson | 8/25/09 9:51 AM
@Glyn, thanks! yeah, i'm familiar with the "/go/" vs. "index.cfm" option, but i guess part of me wanted people to know ColdFusion was used to power the app. thanks for the info!
# Posted By Stephen Withington | 8/25/09 12:57 PM
nice work clean look and form. any downsides to mura you've noticed ? hows jurn memory consumption etc during heavy traffic
# Posted By sam | 2/15/10 12:30 PM
thanks! i always get a little nervous when people use relative terms such as 'heavy traffic' because your definition of heavy might vary greatly with mine.

however, Mura has performed pretty well for me in production. there's some built-in caching going on to help with the load as well. but ultimately, i really do feel that the largest factor in performance is your server configuration. i'm hosting several Mura sites now on a dedicated box (over 20 sites now) and so far so good.

obviously if you've got some applications that require uploading of large content such as videos, images, etc. those alone can take a toll on your server ... regardless of Mura's configuration.

all-in-all, i've been happy with my decision to embrace Mura and it's proven to be a great tool in my development toolbox.
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At the customer's solicitation, we likewise coordinated the handcraft with two other outsider sellers including Catalog Data Solutions and Network Solutions Commerce Space. Incredibly, we had the option to dispatch the site within three (3) weeks of accepting the last plan documents for the site.
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