ColdFusion CFScript Query of Queries Example

This post is more for me than anything else...but I couldn't find a decent example of how to write a query of queries in ColdFusion's CFScript syntax. Below you'll see two queries; the first one is a simple query using ColdFusion's auto-generated dsn, the second one narrows the result set just a bit.

    // Basic Query Syntax
    q1 = new Query();
    q1.setSQL('select * from artists');
    rs1 = q1.execute().getResult();
    // Query of Queries
    q2 = new Query();
    q2.setAttributes(rs=rs1); // needed for QoQ
    q2.addParam(name='state', value='CO', cfsqltype='cf_sql_varchar');
    q2.setSQL('SELECT * FROM rs where state = :state');
    q2.setMaxRows(2); // limit max rows, if desired
    rs2 = q2.execute().getResult();

This should produce something similar to the following output:

Hope this helps...cheers!

I always forget how to do this. Thanks for the reminder!
# Posted By existdissolve | 11/9/12 9:27 AM
Sweet. Thanks!
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