My cf.Objective() 2010 Pecha Kucha Presentation Is Now Online

So, you couldn't make it to cf.Objective() 2010 ... or if you did make it, and for whatever reason, you weren't able to attend the Pecha Kucha BOF and you really wanted to see my presentation ... ok, not really want to see it, but kinda sorta wanted to see it ... then you're in luck! Thanks to Michael Canonigo, my presentation and most of the other ones, were recorded and preserved for future generations to see ... and laugh at.

You can find my presentation at Bob Silverberg has posted links to all of the other presentations on his blog too. Speaking of who, a huge thanks goes out to Bob Silverberg for putting this BOF together!

I ended up spending much more time on preparing and planning for this presentation than I initially thought I would ... primarily because of the strict timing requirements of a Pecha Kucha. That said, I would most definitely do it again! I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did ... I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of topics and thought that everyone who participated did a great job.

Thanks also to everyone who attended as well and and cheered us on! Hopefully, we can do this again next year.


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