Released cfMediaPlayer on RIAForge

I've released cfMediaPlayer on RIAForge today. It's a ColdFusion custom tag wrapper to display FLV, MP3, MP4 and AAC files using the JW FLV Player™ with one line of code. For example, <cf_mediaplayer file="myvideo.flv"></cf_mediaplayer>.

This tag supports many more options than CF9's newly added cfMediaPlayer tag. Included is a readme.htm file that gives full descriptions on all of the available attributes as well as some detailed usage examples.

Download is available at SVN access can be found at

I look forward to hearing any feedback users might have. Thanks!


Just stumbled across this and it is great. Very easy to use and much more customizable than CFMediaPlayer. It is working fine with flv files but for some reason mp4 files will only play sound through the viewer. Have you had any similar issues?
# Posted By Eric | 4/27/10 10:26 AM
Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback. I haven't run into your problem with .mp4 files yet, but would suspect it might have something to do with the way the file was encoded.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 4/27/10 10:40 PM
Excellent tag, especially if you haven't upgraded to CF9 yet. I was experiencing same problem with mp4 files as Eric, some played fine and some didn't display the video but everything else worked fine.
# Posted By jason | 12/23/10 5:25 PM
Doesn't seem to work on my Windows 7, IIS7, CF 9 test box. Just installed it and tried it out and the output is a black bordered box that says "This text will be replaced." Any idea on why it's not working? If so, please email me.
# Posted By Alton Hardin | 4/3/11 10:12 PM
Interesting ... I would check a couple things.

1. As silly as this sounds, I would make sure you have JavaScript enabled ... that happened to me once when I was doing some debugging and disabled JS but forgot to re-enable it.

2. Inspect the code that was generated and verify that the paths to the flv are correctly generated.

3. Make sure .flv is a valid mimetype on your machine.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 4/4/11 9:48 AM
I posted this via riaforge but figured I'd ask here as well.

When the video has finished playing is there a way to something similar to onComplete when using CF 9's cfmediaplayer tag?

Basically when the video is done I want to be able to immediately forward the person to another page so they can take a test.
# Posted By Kelly Matthews | 5/12/13 12:11 PM

I'm not sure I understand your question fully ... if you're asking about CF9's cfmediaplayer tag, then yes, they have an onComplete method to do that.

As for this custom tag, it just wraps the JW Player. So you should be able to use any of the methods in their API:

# Posted By Steve Withington | 5/13/13 12:57 PM
Works great with mp4 but on windows and old android. Does not work with ipad etc... purchased license of jwplayer 6.6 that seems to work with all platform out of the box. My questions are 1)if I replace ur player with jwplayer. 6.6 will it support all devices that jwplayer supports. 2) how do I go about replacing all the jwplayers with the ones we have on cfmediaplayer. Note jwplayer now has jwplayer.flash, jwplayer.html5, and jwplayer.js. thanks for your all you are doing.
# Posted By miriam | 9/19/13 10:17 PM

JWPlayer has changed quite a bit since I originally wrote this. Since then, I've created a plugin for Mura CMS that you should be able to glean some information from:

However, that plugin is on JWPlayer 5, not 6. When they moved to 6, they disabled many of the features that made JWPlayer so compelling unless you're willing to pay for it.

The primary pieces of the puzzle can be found in this file:
# Posted By Steve Withington | 9/19/13 10:30 PM
Forget to add that I am using cf10 update 11 andcfmediaplayer on all windows platform displaying all types but not displaying any on iphone or ipad and new android devices. On the other hand jwplayer 6.6 is working fine on all platforms and types mp4 etc....while using as is in javascript but that does not seem to work for me because using cfmediaplayer allows me to hide the videos behind the webroot so they are not accessible from the browser.
# Posted By miriam | 9/19/13 10:36 PM
If you're using ColdFusion's baked-in version of the mediaplayer, then those files are probably located under:

The files are scattered around in there because the team wrote their own wrapper.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 9/19/13 10:50 PM
Does your cf_mediaplayer has the ability to run JavaScript functions like the CF embedded cfmediaplayer does. The CF version allows JavaScript functions associated with onComplete, onError, onLoad, onPause and onStart events. Does your CF_Mediaplayer allow for similar functionality and if so, how is it done?

# Posted By jeff | 1/9/14 3:17 PM

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