Adobe Air and Pixel Bender and Ext JS

A tweet from Steve "Cutter" Blades caught my eye today. It read "Adobe AIR + Pixel Bender + Ext JS" So naturally, I had to check it out. I'm sure glad I did too! The link is to a blog entry on the Ext JS site about a demo they've released called "Pixel Bender Explorer." So I downloaded and installed the application and played around with it a bit. I thought others might enjoy learning more about it and so I'm including a brief video demonstration to show off some if its capabilities.

View Pixel Bender Explorer Demo >

A question that came up between Steve and myself (no, I wasn't talking to myself, this time anyway), was what type of practical applications there could be for it. If anything, I thought something like this could be used to allow people to customize photos, videos, etc. with their own filters, etc. then allow them to save them, export them, email them ... whatever.

What other practical applications can you think of?

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