Launched A ColdFusion + ActionScript + Flash Site: was developed as one part of a larger initiative for Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. located in Rockford, Illinois. The initiative focuses on going "blue" instead of the typical "green" since their primary business centers around "providing sustainable, innovative wastewater treatment solutions." In fact visit the site, "join their cause" and they will donate $1 to the WateReuse Foundation!

The site is powered by Adobe® ColdFusion® along with Adobe® Flash®, ActionScript 3.0 and Microsoft® SQL Server. The eye-catching design and interface was created by Gordon B.
Designer: Gordon B.| Developer: Stephen Withington


Great work!
Was this a flash remoting project?

very impressive:)
# Posted By John barrett | 4/26/09 11:28 PM

Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I used flash remoting for some of the dynamic features of the site. Glad you liked it.

# Posted By Stephen Withington | 4/27/09 8:15 AM

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