MySpace Can Update Your Twitter Status ... Who Cares?

MySpace has announced users can now automatically sync their status updates with Twitter. Is having the ability to create a "Global Social Status" (yes, you can use that ... I just made it up) really such a good thing?

Not long ago I ran across an application in Facebook that would pull in my Twitter updates and automagically update my Facebook status. I quickly learned that this was not exactly the best idea in the world (and I'll tell you why in a moment), so I'm not so certain the efforts of MySpace are going to bring about any kind of improvements in the social media communities.

Let's think about this for a minute ... if you're a friend of mine on Facebook (or MySpace) AND you follow me on Twitter ... do you really want to read my status updates everywhere you go? For serious, does it make sense to "shotgun" your updates to every single social community you belong to? I think not.

Sure, there are rare occasions that you might want to do this ... but I say resist the temptation! I've found that for the most part, people I follow on Twitter are a completely different group of people than I have on Facebook. Sure, there is some overlap and that's to be expected, but the vast majority of people I know of Facebook (or MySpace) are people I've actually met, am friends with, family with, grew up with, you get the picture. Many of the people (and/or companies) I follow on Twitter are people I've never personally met (although many I hope to meet someday) but we share some commonalities ... maybe it's programming, maybe it's music, maybe it's geography. You know?

Where I'm going with this is that something I might "tweet" about may not necessarily be something I want to update my "Global Social Status" with. The audiences are completely different and often warrant their own unique message, even if the messages are very similar.

The flip side to this is if you like to Twitter ... and you know who you are ... you have the potential of overwhelming your family and friends with updates like "RT @stevewithington CF9 is the bees knees ... I have ORM, do you?" or "This site rocks: #muracms #mura #coldfusion #sql"

Heck, I don't know about you, but I already get a little irritated having to scroll through things like "Help Me on Mafia Wars" or the ever popular "Steve Withington took the 'What Kind of Car Are You?' quiz and got the result: You're a 1969 Bitchin' Camaro. Read more ..."

So if you're goal in life is to annoy the crap out of people in your social communities, then go right ahead and applaud the efforts of MySpace and others in their quest to become THE place to go to update your Global Social Status. In the mean time, I'll continue along, grumbling and complaining about silly things like this.


Good points Steve. Long ago I used the plugin to update my FB status with my Twitter posts. After a few "Oh shit, I wish that didn't make it onto my FB page" I removed the plugin.
# Posted By TJ Downes | 9/21/09 12:51 PM
Sorry, should have been Stephen. Didn't mean to mangle your name
# Posted By TJ Downes | 9/21/09 12:52 PM
@TJ, no worries, most people just call me Steve.
# Posted By Stephen Withington | 9/21/09 12:57 PM
My thoughts exactly. I'd rather keep the two domains separate. My Twitter is mostly for CF. Facebook is personal. Two totally different crowds. Although, this is probably a moot point since no one really pays attention to my tweets. #informationoverload
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 9/22/09 1:42 PM
lol ... thanks for sharing Jose!
# Posted By Stephen Withington | 9/22/09 1:56 PM
I wonder if the they were thinking SEO purposes in mind? Like for businesses. Even then, (not sure if it would work in your benefit or not) sounds like it would eventually be considered a "black hat" technique...

I agree about the social aspects though... seems more annoying than anything.
# Posted By Rawknee | 10/3/09 4:24 PM

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