cf.Objective() 2011 Pricing Announced

Yo! ColdFusion peeps! It's hard to believe it, but cf.Objective() 2011, the world's only enterprise engineering conference for ColdFusion, will be here before you know it. The conference will be held in sunny downtown Minneapolis, MN and runs May 12-14, 2011. In fact, pricing has just been announced and is available on the cf.Objective() web site. Oh, and register by February 14th, 2011 and save an extra $100!

So, when you prepare your budget for next year, if you haven't already done so, don't forget to include cf.Objective() 2011.

Hey, CFUnited Attendees ...

If you have EVER been an attendee of CFUnited, you are eligible for a $100 Alumni Discount! How cool is that?

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While you're at it, tell cf.Objective() what you're interested in learning about by completing a brief Topic Suggestion Survey >>

Hope to see you there!

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